Welcome to the professionals of
fineblanking technology

H.u.E. Büschel GmbH - Fineblanking Technology · Tool Manufacture

Are you looking for a specialist for difficult fine blanking/ fine stamping pieces?

Do you need a competent partner for the design phase?
Do you want a fine blanker with many years of automotive experience and his own tool manufacture?
You have a reliable partner at Büschel for fine blanking / fine stamping.

Using mechanical and hydraulic fine blanking equipment of varying tonnage and a dedicated,
flexible team, we are able to manufacture your individual parts as efficiently as possible.

Through the implementation of various consecutive processes for deburring such as blasting,
belt grinding, and slide grinding, we deliver your parts ready to use all over the world.
We draw on long-term partners for heat treatment and surface finishing who are familiar with our quality standards.

Do you require other processing steps such as component assembly, etc.? Here as well we are your competent contacts.

Büschel the perfect partner – can be there for you too as of today!

Haimendorfer Straße 58 · D-90571 Schwaig
Telephone 00 49 911/50620-0 · Telefax 00 49 911/50620-90 · e-mail: info@bueschel.de · internet: www.bueschel.de