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We offer the highest flexibility in development, production and finishing of fine blanking parts. Our customers’ trust is our motivation.The highest possible quality in all stages of the process is our contribution. We are shapers of precision! We are not "just” a supplier, but an established partner to our customers.

Partnership for us means being innovative, professional and available. We offer first class consultation for efficient and cost-saving solutions.

We combine the experience of over 90 years of corporate history with current technology and futuristic ideas. We are experts of fine blanking. We don’t only mass produce, but also dedicate ourselves to small batch production.

We adapt to the needs of all industries. Whether it’s automotive and electrical or medical – we cover it all. Where others see boundaries, we see opportunities.

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The World Of Fineblanking

Axial bearing

hydrodynamic bearing within a turbocharger


seat adjustment

Internal gear plate

Seat adjustment


component of engine injector systems

Yoke laminations

Component of control valves

Toothed segment

Sedan rear seat adjustment

Toothed link

mechanical component in convertible car tops

Base sheet

Crimping tools


Data carrier case ( e.g. Chipsets)

Thrust chain plate

component in linear power train technology

Discharge Valve Stop

Mounting and fixing of a diaphragm on valve plates in refrigerator compressors

Ring Clamp

Fixing valve plates in refrigerator compressors


Mechanical contact adjustor in switchboards

Contact arm

Power switch for currents up to 20A

Contact arm

Power switch for currents up to 250A


For motors in various machines

Carrier plate

Basis of electrical components in blood pressure monitors


Mechanical component of window and door locks

Toothed plate

Seat rest adjustment of the rear seats

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